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How Multi-Unit Operators Are Finding Success With a Transition to MOOYAH

MOOYAH Burgers, Fries & Shakes, the better burger concept with nearly 100 units, has emerged as an excellent fit for existing multi-unit operators with other concepts. Because of MOOYAH’s unique positioning as a fast-growing concept with seasoned leadership, a best-in-class product, and a strong brand, experienced multi-unit operators and franchisees are finding this concept to be a great addition to diversify their portfolio.

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“They have worked with other franchisors and brands, and they know the lay of the land,” explained Mike Sebazco, MOOYAH’s EVP of Operations and Development. “We’re built to really cater to that type of operator. Someone with experience in a franchise system is looking for solid support and a certain return — we tend to be an organization that can either initialize or finish out a portfolio.”

Sebazco added that MOOYAH is powerful because it is simple. Since they are not trying to be “everything to everyone,” they can focus on owning the best burger experience.

“The feedback we’ve gotten from multi-unit operators that have joined our team is that they’re already in the chicken or pizza or the sandwich category. And burgers are a great complement to their portfolio,” he explained.

For franchisees who have experienced multi-unit operations with other brands, there is an existing baseline and set of expectations to compare an experience with MOOYAH to, and. MOOYAH often comes out on top.

“We’ve had veteran operators that have joined the system and appreciate that at MOOYAH, we care about their success and  that we really listen to them,” said Doug Willmarth, president of MOOYAH. “They feel — and this is true — that our team is genuinely concerned about their success. Our franchisees from other systems have told us that they don’t have a voice and that the franchisor only cares about its own bottom line.”

Zabdiel Bernier, a long-time multi-unit operator with McDonald’s, began looking into franchising after years of career growth and operational success. After looking at MOOYAH and even flying to Dallas to meet with leadership, Bernier felt even more confident in his decision.

“What I’ve been doing is running an operation by myself, making money and helping other people to be successful, but what about my success?” Bernier said. “Whenever we have a target we want to accomplish, we believe in people, we believe in the systems, and we work together. The sky’s the limit. We’ve worked for so many years and seen success within the McDonald’s system for others, and now we are ready to build our own business in MOOYAH to the same level.”

MOOYAH grows with these experienced franchisees by taking their multi-unit experience and adding a strong brand playbook to build an excellent foundation that can expand quickly and profitably. The high level of both support and flexibility within the build-out process are an attractive combination.

And because the brand is expanding, MOOYAH has prime territories available in many markets, creating an opportunity for multi-unit franchisees to pick up great territories that best fit their goals.

“In real estate, the MOOYAH team worked with brokers to show us different options. I visited one of the locations, looked at the projections, and told MOOYAH I didn’t think it was the right place for me,” Bernier explained. “And they supported me in this. They did analysis and were very transparent. We worked as a team, and now I feel comfortable.”

Willmarth added, “We’ve got a top-tier executive team and support structure; we’re big enough to provide a high level of support, but we’ve still got great territories available. It’s the best of both worlds and a great time to join the brand. Multi-unit operators are a great fit for us because they have the experience and resources to come up to speed and succeed much faster.”

The start-up costs for a MOOYAH franchise range from $477,918 to $989,793. Learn more at