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How MOOYAH Navigates Trends in the Fast-Casual Industry

Consumer preferences are evolving at an unprecedented pace within the restaurant industry, so making your choice to franchise with a brand that is quick to adapt to the trends with staying power is crucial. Luckily, tailoring our menu offerings to our guests’ needs is a focal point of the MOOYAH brand.

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A recent article from QSR examined this shift in consumer behavior and further emphasized the need for restaurants to adapt to lifestyle habits that will shape the next few years of the restaurant industry. Some of the highlights include:

Wellness Without Sacrificing Flavor

As consumers gravitate towards wellness-conscious choices, brands like MOOYAH recognize the importance of delivering exceptional taste, nutrition and sustainability through plant-based offerings. MOOYAH’s menu customization allows for the integration of healthier alternatives like our black bean burger patties to better cater to the demand for health-conscious dining without sacrificing the flavor that our guests expect. Beyond customization, guests are also able to choose from a lineup of Lifestyle Burgers that cater to different dietary preferences, including The Vegan, The Paleo and The Keto. As guests’ preferences change over time, MOOYAH will continue to feature both permanent and limited-time menu items that support our guests’ needs.

Meeting Guests Where They Want to Be Met

Convenience and customization are the name of the game for consumers, with many gravitating towards mobile orders, drive-thru pickup and other avenues that create convenience while providing the dining experience that they want. MOOYAH has perfected menu customization, allowing guests to create the best burger that suits their preferences and lifestyles. MOOYAH has also taken steps to innovate our guest experience on the restaurant level, and we are slated to open our first drive-thru location in our home market in the Dallas area next year! Now guests can get the best burger in many convenient ways, without sacrificing the customization that we offer with dine-in customers.

Make the MOOYAH Move

MOOYAH has invested countless resources into creating a future-proof restaurant experience, further solidifying MOOYAH as the best burger franchise in America. Are you ready to take the next step? Connect with our franchising team today.