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How MOOYAH Became a Loyalty Program Leader in the Franchise Industry

In today’s dynamic restaurant industry, fostering strong customer loyalty is paramount for sustained success. A thoughtfully crafted restaurant loyalty program can be one of the most potent tools for enhancing the brand experience with your guests – turning customers into true fans of your business.  Building loyal fans is one of the best ways to boost sales and guest retention. Let’s delve into how integrating a loyalty program can propel the guest experience forward and encourage repeat visits on the franchise level.

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Enhancing Customer Engagement:

A loyalty program can serve as a launching pad for deeper engagement with your customer base. At MOOYAH, our loyalty app membership surged by more than 50% in 2023 and the momentum is continuing this year with a 112% increase in Q1 2024 compared to the same timeframe in 2023. The surges in memberships help showcase the power of tailored rewards, engaging app “challenges”, and personalized experiences in forging stronger connections with our guests. This growth outpaces the industry average, with Paytronix’s annual loyalty report revealing only a 23% rise in program membership across the broader QSR segment.

Driving Repeat Visits:

The key to a successful loyalty program lies in the ability to incentivize repeat visits from customers. By leveraging enticing rewards and exclusive perks through a mobile app or online platform, restaurants can inspire customer loyalty and encourage guests to come back to one brand over its competitors. Communicating with customers in their preferred channel, whether app push notifications, text messaging, or email can also boost the success of a loyalty program. This approach has boosted foot traffic and driven an increase in sales, with loyalty transactions now accounting for 17% of MOOYAH’s systemwide sales.

Increasing Average Spend:

Loyalty programs not only drive repeat business but also have the potential to boost the average spend per customer. Through tiered rewards structures, fun app challenges or points-based systems, restaurants can motivate customers to increase their spending in pursuit of unlocking additional benefits or rewards. This strategy has proven successful for MOOYAH, where guests are motivated to spend more to earn rewards, resulting in an increased average check size through the MOOYAH Rewards app.

Collecting Valuable Insights:

Loyalty programs also serve as a great starting point for gathering customer data, which can offer insights into their behavior and preferences. By analyzing this data, restaurants can refine their loyalty marketing strategies, optimize menu offerings and tailor promotions to better resonate with their target audience. This data-driven approach has been instrumental in MOOYAH’s success, enabling the brand to make informed decisions that enhance the best-tasting burger brand’s overall guest experience.

In conclusion, the integration of a loyalty program represents a strategic imperative for restaurants seeking to thrive in a competitive landscape. Prioritizing customer engagement, driving repeat business, increasing average check size, and leveraging data-driven insights can set the stage for growing your restaurant. For more information about how MOOYAH leverages its loyalty program with franchise growth in mind, connect with the franchise team today.