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How MOOYAH Burgers, Fries & Shakes Has Simplified Its Operations for Franchise Owners

In an evolving landscape of fast-casual dining, MOOYAH Burgers, Fries & Shakes, the nearly 100-unit “best burger” concept, understands the importance of blending innovation, simplicity and top-tier quality in its restaurant operations. By consistently finding new ways to streamline its restaurant operations, MOOYAH is giving Franchise Owners the opportunity to easily scale their businesses in the communities they serve.

“All of our operational initiatives are based on five key drivers: service, speed, accuracy, quality and cleanliness,” said Beth Stockmoe, MOOYAH’s Vice President of Operations. “Everything we do in operations is about improving these five areas for Franchise Owners and our restaurants.”

New and Innovative Menu Initiatives

A core element in MOOYAH’s operational simplification is a strategic shift in menu offerings. “A couple years ago we did away with LTOs to focus on execution,” said Stockmoe. “But our Team Members and Guests missed it. So, we started offering LTOs again, but this time we included it as part of our Burger Hall of ‘Dang!’ line-up  and strategically focused on crafting new burgers and shakes that leveraged existing ingredients.”

Through this strategy, MOOYAH was able to introduce new flavors through simple sauces instead of complex recipes, Stockmoe explains. This innovative approach can be seen in creations like the brand’s Hot Bacon Jam Burger, which leverages ingredients already available, ensuring ease of execution for Franchise Owners and satisfied taste buds for Guests. 

Simple and Effective Back-of-House Processes to Reduce Labor Costs

In response to the tightening labor market, MOOYAH’s operational initiatives have evolved towards doing more with fewer resources. This can be seen in the brand’s simple yet effective systems like organized bill tickets, which preclude the need for new recipe memorization and therefore cut back on training requirements. 

“Franchise Owners can build the products and menu items without a significant time spent on new training,” said Stockmoe, underlining the value of user-friendly processes for staff efficiency.

In a further move towards simplicity, the franchise has also recently revisited its food preparation procedures. For instance, the franchise has overhauled its fry preparation process to reduce manual labor and improve efficiency. “It is all about minimizing ingredients that we have to bring in and making the process of preparing the food easier,” Stockmoe said. 

The brand is also introducing technological innovations such as kiosks and working on slide positions to mitigate labor constraints. This is in line with the growth of takeout orders, which make up a substantial part of the franchise’s sales.

Smaller Restaurant Footprints

Lastly, MOOYAH has spent the past few years exploring smaller restaurant footprints to reduce overhead and labor costs even more for Franchise Owners, Stockmoe says. 

“We are looking to build smaller so we can run lines with less people,” said Stockmoe. “A 2,200-square-foot site is perfect for MOOYAH in some markets, but we don’t want to ignore the smaller locations as well. The profit margins on smaller restaurants are similar to the larger ones because there is less labor and rent associated.”

Through these multifaceted operational strategies, MOOYAH is demonstrating how simplicity can lead to not only a better dining experience, but also a more successful business for Franchise Owners. 

“The four things that will make a Franchise Owner successful are: sales, profit, guest experience and Team Member experience,” said Stockmoe. “If we can simplify operations to optimize those four factors, then we can help Franchise Owners get the best return on their investment.”

The investment to develop a MOOYAH ranges from $477,918 to $989,793. The franchisor is also offering royalties relief to Franchise Owners who sign both a franchise agreement and lease in 2023. Learn more at:


MOOYAH Burgers, Fries & Shakes is where “serious” and “fun” are one with the bun. The ridiculicious, fast-casual “best burger” concept is committed to providing the best tasting burger experience possible by specializing in the taste trifecta – mouthwatering made-to-order burgers, hand-cut French fries and real ice cream shakes. Founded in 2007, MOOYAH is obsessed with quality, serving fresh, never-frozen 100% Certified Angus Beef® brand burgers, all-natural turkey burgers and plant-based vegan burgers. MOOYAH’s signature buns are baked in-house daily, and guests can choose from five real cheeses, bacon, avocado and 17 free sauces and toppings made from garden-fresh veggies. MOOYAH also hand-spins 100% real ice cream shakes and offers eight flavors including vanilla, Hershey’s chocolate, Reese’s, Oreo and more. MOOYAH serves guests through dine-in, online ordering, delivery and carryout, as well as its loyalty app.