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“You need to understand before you can be understood." That is Michael's philosophy based on his lifelong commitment to learning. That commitment can be traced to Michael’s participation in Harvard Business Executive Education program.

Michael Mabry’s first venture into the restaurant industry was a catering business he developed in 1989. In 1992, he joined Brinker International as an Executive Chef for Romano's Macaroni Grill. There he was instrumental in establishing systems that remain a foundation of the business today. While at Brinker, Mabry advanced to General Manager before becoming Director of Franchise in 1998. He created and implemented the global franchise strategy, processes, initiatives and standards for Macaroni Grill.

In March 2003, Mabry took his talent and strategic thinking to Tin Star, where he focused on growing the concept by developing true franchise partnerships. March 2007 marked Mabry’s day-to-day involvement with Cutchall Management Company (CMC). Greg Cutchall chose Mabry to spearhead CMC’s Dallas growth strategy as franchisees of Tin Star and Paradise Bakery.

In late 2009, Mabry joined forces with Brinker and Tin Star alum Rich Hicks at MOOYAH Burgers, Fries & Shakes. Beginning as Director of Franchise at MOOYAH, he was promoted in October 2013 to Vice President of Operations and Franchise Development, then COO. Mabry is responsible for MOOYAH's overall growth and operational strategy along with all day-to-day business. Mabry was the catalyst that led the franchise to private equity in June 2017. He took on the additional title of President following the deal.

How does Michael MOOYAH? MOOYAH burger, MOOYAH style, on artisan white.

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