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Who Are We?

Well for starters, we’re fun. In fact, we love fun. We’re fun-loving lovers of fun. And yet, we couldn’t be more serious about the food we serve. We’re talking fresh-baked buns, never-frozen beef, hand-cut fries, real ice cream shakes and other delicious nouns preceded by quality-assuring adjectives.

We’re a place where Certified Angus Beef ® and a chalkboard drawing wall can comfortably coexist. Because we believe having high-quality food doesn’t require you to have a low-quality personality.

We’re as fresh as we are fun. As intelligent as we are imaginative. And as picky as we are playful.

Put simply, we believe making seriously good food doesn’t have to be such serious business.

“Everybody can sell a burger, but not everybody can sell the same
experience we are able to at MOOYAH.”
- Aaron White, MOOYAH Franchisee

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Our Process

Franchisee Testimonials

Our top restaurants just happen to be owned and operated by families. Brothers. Cousins. Husbands and wives. Fathers and sons. Coincidence? Heck no!

There’s something about the MOOYAH experience that’s a perfect fit for families looking to share something awesome together, whether it’s a meal at MOOYAH or a thriving multi-unit operation.

“You can tell MOOYAH is obsessed with the guest experience by the
contagious attitude that employees have when they walk in the door.”
- Scott Adams, Development Agent

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